The Prof G Show’s important insights on NYC

I urge you to listen to this Podcast of “The Prof G Show”. It gives an unconventional but accurate thesis on Why NYC office will Thrive, not just Survive.

You can find the entire show here, or listen below for the most important 5 minutes of the show.

The top takeaways are below:

  • The density of talent and creativity will make people always want to live in NYC and with rental pricing lowered, it will be more affordable. After 9/11 and the financial crisis, not only did NYC recover, but it became hyper gentrified with an expanding job base. Cities will face challenges, but the ability of cities to foster innovation and productivity has always been stronger
  • COVID is more of an accelerant than a change agent. The impact may be that city demographics become younger. The virus itself isn’t impacting cities, but it’s impacting how people think about their lives and how they want to live. If you’re young, big cities still offer lots of excitement, a career and the ability to meet people and date.
  • CBDs are the last relics of the industrial economy, but we may begin to see a reconfiguration around neighborhoods making it more convenient to live and work in the same area. If flights become more restrictive or people are just more concerned about flying, major hubs like New York will benefit the most.