KPG is a value-add owner and operator that purchases architecturally significant but aging Class B and C properties and converts them to modern Class A. KPG’s design-forward brand attracts and retains the modern-day workforce. With over 50 years combined experience based in NYC, KPG manages fully discretionary institutional vehicles that are privately held and management-owned.

KPG Fills an institutional niche in the NYC Boutique, Non-Commodity Office Building Market. This Investment Strategy Offers Strong Opportunities to Add Value and Generate High Returns.


KPG collaborates with top designers to give our tenants a unique but functional bespoke workplace experience.


KPG oversees each project through design, development, management and leasing with precision and direct management.

KPG targets architecturally significant but aging class B and C properties that are underfunded which require significant capital and modern day design and function.


KPG optimizes the value of its properties through detailed transaction and management execution and utilizes superior performance measurement and cash-flow forecasting to inform investors.

KPG’s design forward brand attracts and retains the modern day workforce through cutting edge but practical operational and developmental improvements.