MASKLESS RETURNat 446 Broadway

KPG is Leading the Way in Office Health, Wellness and Science by announcing the “Maskless Return to Work Experience” at 446 Broadway

NEW YORK (May 21th, 2021) – Real estate investment firm KPG Funds today announced the launch of “Maskless Return” at 446 Broadway – L’Atelier, their newly renovated commercial office and boutique retail development in the heart of SOHO.

“At KPG Funds, we put health, wellness and science at the forefront of everything we do. The CDC’s guidance coupled with tenant’s needs to feel a sense of normalcy will help spur a faster return and positive experience coming back to the office,” said Greg Kraut Co-Founder and CEO.

“NYC is leading the way with pro-health initiatives and KPG wants to enhance those efforts and speed up the return to the office. We are proactively working to help protect our tenants with practical wellness initiatives,” added Rod Kritsberg Co-Founder and CIO.

The First Maskless office building in NYC will also have the following “hands free “features:

  • An Openpath Mobile Access Control System, which features a front door card reader which you access from your smartphone and automatically opens the door as well as elevator floor-by-floor and stair tower control readers for secure access.
  • An Elevator system which provides tenants with a “hands free” experience using the same system and the ability to email access control credentials with ease.
  • A High End Easy to Use Intercom System which includes: Large Illuminated Audio Video Main Entrance Panel, an LED Display Monitor on each floor, and smartphone integration capabilities.

“At KPG Funds, we listen to science and we are practical. Per the CDC we are allowing all vaccinated people to go maskless at 446 Broadway. This is what tenants want, this is what we will give in a Post-Covid world”, concluded Greg Kraut Co-Founder and CEO